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Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse

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This product is a mix blend of herbs to cleanse your colon. Here  are some of the ingredients.  Woodworm which is great for cleansing the good for parasites.  Chickweed  which is good for digestion in the stomach and bloating and cramps. Cascara sagranda  helps detox the colon by stimulating in contracting the intestine  crevices to help move toxins out of he body. Marshmallow root is a mild  laxative that helps improve the digestive tract. Black walnut hulls are in their also.

  • Detox Instructions

    You’re going to consume 16 oz twice daily for atleast 24-48 hours. The day of your detox you need to sustain from eating. Only the detox tea a gallon of water, coconut water, and seamoss is recommended. If you cancel stay from eating solid foods. Prepare and consume fruit smoothies.

    Bring 8 oz of water to a rolling boil for 3 minutes. Add one teaspoon of the herb to tea strainer or tea bags. Bring water down to a simmer. Allow herb to steep for 15 minutes. Let tea cool down and consume.

  • All sales are final

     All sales are final   

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  • Medical Disclaimer

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  • Blend

    woodworm , black walnut , cascara sagranda , chickweed

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